All about Small Group Tours to Iran for Canadians

Iran tour packages provide you a great deal of diversity to choose from. Besides the kind of destination you can select, there are various types of tours regarding the number of attending tourists. From the mass tour packages with more than 15 tourists to the private ones that provide service for about 4 people, any traveler to Iran has a choice. Iran small group tour packages are suitable for a group of less than 10. Via these types of tours, you can have both your privacy and social interactions. You can wander around the destination and then gather up with your fellow travelers to share your feelings and stories. It is a group that will not take you away from your interests. But also you are not alone in your happy moments.

Why Iran small group tours?

There is more flexibility due to the small number of people in this group. This is the magic number of people to satisfy all their needs and be happy with the services they receive. Youíll get to have enough free time and travel at your own pace while being in a group of like-minded individuals. Thus, youíll build valuable connections with them. These people might be different in age, nationality, beliefs, etc. But they share a common love for traveling. Who knows! You may find the most matching co-travelers in this journey.

Another good point is that the small number of people in the group will allow your guide to take you to all of Iranís hidden gems. They can offer you the most attractive local experiences on these trips. You get to dive deep into the local culture and get to discover the unknowns. You will also have more one-on-one time with locals and your guide. Therefore, youíll extend your knowledge of all the places you visit on your journey.

Moreover, in small groups, responsible traveling is pursued more easily. Due to the few numbers of people on small group tours, your footprint on the environment will be much less. Therefore, you travel much more responsibly. Usually, it is a challenge for a big group of travelers. That is not to negatively impact the culture of rural and native villages.

The small group tours are budget-friendly. That is, you donít have to pay as much like a private tour whilst you donít need to travel in mass group tours. Besides, as said earlier, your fellow travelers are similar to you in their tastes.

Small group tours do not have a fixed itinerary. They are planned in a way that you are not always running from one place to another. Due to the small number of tourists, it is possible to arrange the plans as they wish.

What do you need to know about the Iran visa process?

The process of getting a visa is short. It is straightforward for most countries besides several specific ones such as the United States, England, and Canada. Youíll get your visa approximately in 2 weeks. If you are from those specific countries, then you must contact your Iran tour operator to help you with the process for the visa. These countriesí citizens can only apply for an Iran visa through a travel agency.

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